[ti:伦敦夜车] [ar:罗百吉] [al:基因] [00:00.00]伦敦夜车 [01:48.00]Oh oh oh [01:48.00][00:31.00]lt's the time the last train to London [01:51.00][00:33.00]I love you so much so you know [01:53.00][00:35.00]How much I hate to say goodbye [01:55.00][00:37.00]It's a sad moment to say goodbye [01:56.00][00:39.00]Just you and me standing at the station [01:58.00][00:40.00]I'd really hate to leave you [02:00.00][00:42.00]But I can't be here with you now [02:02.00][00:44.00]Cuz it's the last train to London [00:46.00]It was one those nights [00:49.00]One those nights you feel the fires burning [00:54.00]Everybody was there [00:56.00]Everybody to share it was all right [01:02.00]And you were on your own [01:04.00]Looking like you were the only one around [01:09.00]I had to he with you [01:11.00]Nothing else that I could do [01:13.00]I should have been away I knew I had to stay [03:06.00][02:23.00][01:21.00]Last train to London [03:10.00][02:28.00][01:23.00]Just heading out [03:13.00][02:31.00][01:27.00]Last train to London [03:18.00][02:35.00][01:31.00]Just leaving town [03:20.00][01:34.00]But I really want tonight to last forever [03:23.00][01:37.00]I really want to bewith you [break it up break it up now [03:28.00][01:42.00]Let this music play around the light tonight [02:08.00]it was one those nights when the music stops turning [02:10.00]You were there,there was music up in the air [02:14.00]I should have been away,but I had to stay [02:18.00]I had to be with you,I had to be with You [02:20.00]It was the train to London [02:46.00]When we hit the starry skies [02:48.00]I was still but I was nearly memorized [02:53.00]I didn't realize that love was in your eyes [02:57.00]I nearly should of gone,but love went on and on