[ti:Flesh and Bone] [ar:Matt Maher] [al:Alive Again] [00:01.12]Matt Maher - Flesh and Bone [00:05.89] [00:21.89]I met a man who walked on water [00:32.75]And wore His crown like a blue collar [00:43.62]I met a man who welcomed children [00:54.97]Like they were ambassadors to a kingdom [03:51.74][02:37.21][01:02.01] [03:59.31][02:37.64][01:04.69]If I saw the world in Your eyes [04:04.73][02:43.04][01:10.38]Would it help me understand [04:10.18][02:48.37][01:15.69]How You see through all our lies [04:15.50][02:53.71][01:21.19]Still You hold us in Your hand [04:21.12][02:59.27][01:27.39]I'm dying to believe [04:27.39][03:05.41][01:32.90]I'm trying just to show [04:44.21][04:32.21][03:10.27][01:37.44][04:37.81]That we're less than perfect [04:47.75][03:13.82][01:41.17]More than flesh and bone [05:04.53][01:47.41] [01:54.14]People climbing trees to catch sight of You [02:05.30]Broken and blind looking for the truth [02:16.24]We're crippled by our fears and torments [02:27.22]Oh, Son of man, have pity on Your servants [03:18.94] [03:19.34]I wander and I want [03:20.20]Squander the riches of Your love [03:24.58]It's never enough for me [03:28.30]Oh, take this poverty [03:30.84]And nail it to the tree [03:34.30]And let all that’s captive now go free [03:43.44]I’m free