[ti:Take Me Home,Country Roads] [ar:John Denver] [al:] [00:00.00]Take Me Home,Country Roads-John Denver [00:02.68]Edited by William Hu [00:06.68]Almost heaven west virginia [00:12.43]Blue ridge mountains shenandoah river [00:19.39]Life is old there older than the trees [00:24.37]Younger than the mountains [00:27.89]Growin like a breeze [02:29.75][02:05.04][01:18.21][00:29.99]Country roads take me home [02:35.58][02:10.96][01:23.87][00:35.69]To the place I belong [02:41.40][02:16.78][01:29.49][00:41.30]West virginia [02:44.30][02:19.68][01:32.39][00:44.60]Mountain momma [02:59.31][02:53.49][02:47.20][02:22.58][01:35.27][00:47.44]Take me home country roads [00:54.47]All my memories gather round her [01:00.18]Miners lady stranger to blue water [01:07.30]Dark and dusty painted on the sky [01:12.25]Misty taste of moon shine [01:15.06]Tear drops in my eyes [01:42.86]I hear her voice in the morning hours she calls me [01:48.35]Radio reminds me of my home far away [01:54.11]Driving down the road I get a feeling that I shoul'd have been home [02:02.16][02:00.09]Yesterday