[ti:Favorite Broken Heart] [ar:Tiffany Evans] [al:Tiffany Evans] [00:02.00]Tiffany Evans - Favorite Broken Heart [00:18.00] [00:26.66]I was in my closet diggin [00:29.16]Ran across some picutres [00:30.86]And a couple letters you wrote [00:33.16]Kinda had me remincing [00:35.26]Bout when it was diffrent [00:37.00]Right before you let me go [00:39.43]Cause even though we had to finish [00:41.96](Baby I admit it) [00:43.22]You was worth my heart gettin broke [00:45.63]Cause I ain't never had those feelings [00:47.91]I ain't get to say it last time we spoke [03:06.25][02:41.30][01:52.17][00:51.22]Even though it's goodbye [03:09.47][02:44.90][01:55.65][00:54.17]Before I run into you [03:11.43][02:46.78][01:57.51][00:56.07]I just wanted you to know [03:26.25][03:13.85][03:01.49][02:48.88][02:12.46][01:59.70][01:11.08][00:57.79]Your my [03:27.91][03:15.71][03:03.44][02:51.07][02:14.27][02:01.89][01:12.67][01:00.40]Favorite broken heart [03:18.45][02:53.82][02:04.71][01:03.37]Even though [03:20.17][02:55.57][02:06.23][01:05.03]I've cried [03:21.94][02:57.23][02:08.07][01:06.67]I don't wanna beef here [03:23.66][02:59.43][02:09.81][01:08.37]I will always be here for you [01:16.63]So why you gotta blast ya name in the streets [01:19.71]And tell everybody I made dirt about you ooohha [01:23.87]And everything we been through [01:26.19]Is between me n you baby boy (fasho) [01:28.40]We ain't gotta be the clishe exes [01:30.86]With the (he say she say) [01:33.03]Like we ain't grown [01:34.65]If you ain't got nobody these days [01:37.29]Maybe you can hit me on my cell or at home. [01:40.04]It's been so long [01:41.72]Since I saw ya [01:42.87]Still I got nothing [01:44.53]But love for ya [01:45.78]Tell me that you know that I'm [01:48.25]Always here [01:49.89]Whenever however forever [02:17.66]Thank you [02:19.29]If I could do it all again [02:20.95]I'd do the very same thing [02:23.40]Knowin that you [02:25.19]Would hurt me in the end [02:27.66](Baby I would do it all again) [02:29.58]I never knew [02:31.16]What was forever till I met you [02:34.24]I know you'll be there whenever I need you [02:37.30]No matter what I'm still ya friend [02:39.80]I know it sounds crazy baby