[ti:When You're Looking Like That] [ar:westlife] [al: ] [00:00.00]歌曲:When You're Looking Like That [00:02.00]歌手:westlife [00:03.00] [00:05.58]When You're Looking Like That [02:28.77][02:13.94][01:12.32][00:08.33] [00:12.90]She's a 5 foot 10 in catsuit and bambi eyes [00:19.10]Everybody who's staring wouldn't believe that this girl was mine [00:26.64]I should have known I was wrong [00:29.91]When I left her for a life in pity but [00:33.10]They say you never miss the water til it's gone [00:38.72]Guess I failed to love you [01:43.81][00:42.18]And you're taking it out tonight [03:42.86][03:23.44][03:16.94][02:57.50][02:50.99][02:07.22][01:47.76][01:05.55][00:46.04]How am I supposed to leave you now [03:47.80][03:27.51][03:21.96][03:01.66][02:55.88][02:35.58][02:26.70][02:12.04][01:51.81][01:10.18][00:50.17]When you're looking like that [03:30.00][03:04.09][02:37.31][01:54.26][00:52.58]I can't believe what I just gave away [03:33.84][03:07.73][02:43.32][01:57.75][00:56.37]Now I can't take it back [03:36.48][03:10.51][02:45.02][02:00.66][00:59.06]I don't wanna get lost [03:39.71][03:13.78][02:47.10][02:03.97][01:02.27]I don't wanna live my life without you [01:14.40]She's all dressed up for glamour and rock and roll [01:20.75]Wanna squeeze her real tight get out of this place if [01:26.11][01:24.48]Only I could take control [01:28.30]But she's out of my reach forever [01:31.47]And just a week ago she lied next to me [01:34.69]It's so ironic how I had to lose just to see [01:40.31]That I failed to love you [02:15.29]I dont wanna forget you [02:18.57]I dont even wanna try [02:21.78]How am I supposed to walk on by [02:31.19]How am I supposed to leave you [02:41.94]Oh no,baby