[ti:邦尼,邦尼 BONNY BONNY] [ar:Cara Dillon] [al:新歌速递(12月)] [offset:0] [00:01.12]Bonny Bonny [00:02.24] [00:22.92]Bonny' bonny was my seat in the red rosy yard [00:29.92] [00:34.03]And bonny was my ship in the town of Ballynagard [00:43.12]Shade and shelter was for me till I began to fail [00:51.00] [00:51.75]You all may guess now my distress [00:58.14] [00:58.65]lies near the Nightingale [01:00.53] [01:07.67]Grief and woe that I must go to fight for England's King [01:14.87]I neither know his friend or foe' and war's a cruel thing [01:21.21] [01:22.27]The nightingale is near at hand' my time at home is brief [01:28.52] [01:29.34]And Carey's steams and mountain land [01:33.46]I part with bitter grief [01:36.27] [01:38.65]No more I'll walk the golden hills with Nancy by my side [01:45.53] [01:46.46]Or dream along the sun bright rills [01:49.65]or view my land with pride [01:52.15] [01:54.21]We sail away at dawn of day' the sails are ready set [02:00.02] [02:01.03]When old Benmore I see no more' I'll sigh with deep regret [02:07.39] [02:21.82]Now all must change and I must range across the ocean wide [02:27.77] [02:29.44]Our ship she may in Biscay's Bay lie low beneath the tide [02:37.38]If I should fall by cannon ball' or sink beneath the sea [02:44.35]Good people all' a tear let fall and mourn for mine and me [02:50.48] [02:54.07]If God should spare me my greying hair and bring me back again [03:00.44] [03:01.51]I'd love far more my Antrim shore [03:04.38] [03:05.08]its dark blue hills and rain [03:07.70] [03:08.95]Around the fires' my heart's desires [03:13.07]heaven grant till life shall fail [03:15.58] [03:16.95]And keep me far from the cruel war and from the Nightingale