[ti:Beautifully Broken] [ar:Ashlee Simpson] [al:I Am Me] [offset:500] [00:00.00]Ashlee Simpson - Beautifully Broken [00:03.22]Album: I Am Me [00:08.36][00:12.65][03:09.43][03:14.48] [00:13.69][00:19.92]It seems like yesterday [00:15.83]That my world fell from the sky [00:21.90]I didn't know how hard I could cry [00:26.20]It feels like tomorrow [00:28.76]I may not get by [00:30.93][01:21.26]But I will try [00:32.67][01:22.80]I will try [00:34.21]Wipe the tears from my eyes [00:38.73][00:51.15][01:28.93][01:41.47][02:18.76][02:31.74][02:46.52][02:49.65][02:56.91]I'm beautifully broken [00:43.52][01:33.91][02:24.22]And I don't mind if you know it [00:56.12][01:46.54][02:36.82][03:01.89]And I don't care if I show it [01:03.78]Everyday is a new day [01:05.92]I'm reminded of my past [01:09.97]Everytime there's another storm [01:12.39]I know that it won't last [01:16.18]Every moment I'm filled with hope [01:18.89]'Cause I get another chance [01:24.46]Got nothing [01:25.96]Left to hide [01:54.66]Without the highs and the lows [01:59.14][02:02.28]Where would we go [02:43.64]Oh~