[ti:Migration] [ar:Sambassadeur] [al:Migration] [by:w.m.] [00:00.85]Migration [00:05.20]Sambassadeur [00:09.88] [00:36.11]Exploring areas all wandering [00:44.48]Will always be enough for you [00:52.83]Your mind is filled with all the smallest things [01:01.20]You've got an eye for details too [02:19.87][01:06.91] [03:34.74][02:22.48][01:10.09]Know you've been waiting [03:38.38][02:26.36][01:13.13]On one thing that is true [03:43.97][02:31.32][01:18.83]Wherever you go [03:47.59][02:34.67][01:22.43]Are sensations new [03:51.36][02:39.63][01:27.03]Know you've been running [03:55.23][02:43.26][01:30.61]But I've been running too [04:00.76][02:48.20][01:35.73]The only difference is you don't mind the waiting, I do [04:09.34][02:57.35][01:45.53] [01:48.80]No need improving skills in having fun [01:56.91]It's all out there, just look around [02:05.59]Days slowly passing by but you won't mind [02:14.01]They can steel the show without a fight