[ti:Hidden Track] [ar:Cute Is What We Aim For] [al:The Rotation] [00:-2.00]Cute Is What We Aim For - Hidden Track [00:-1.00] [00:00.00] [00:02.48]You've been askin' [00:03.76]I've been drinkin' [00:05.32]Thinkin about this godforsaken life I lead [00:09.80]It's a memory, I made it be [00:14.54]My lips went white, my spine teased tight [00:17.71]I realized it was gonna be a long night [00:21.48]Buttons prove to be sexier in moments like these [00:25.56]Sexier in moments like these [00:27.78]This is love, and this is lust [00:29.07]I made it to be the best [00:30.60]And if I were to be the best, maybe you would trust [00:33.66]This is love, and this is lust [00:35.02]Which one do I trust? [00:37.17]