[ti:Sex In The Rain] [ar:Ray J] [al:For The Love Of Ray J] [00:00.00]Ray J - Sex In The Rain (Feat. Shorty Mack) [00:10.00] [00:18.68]she was a precious lil girl n such a pretty lil girl, [00:25.64]now shes grown up to a women n she used to be my lil girl. [00:32.39]her daddy don't like men, [00:36.23]he barely likes girls, [00:39.28]n yeah she always listens to him. [00:42.72]thats why shes trapped in both worlds. [00:46.17]she goes to church on ever Sunday, [00:49.61]but shes a freaky lil girl. [00:52.96]n what she does to me on Monday. [00:56.16]you wouldn't think she was the pastors lil girl. [00:59.90] [01:00.12]late night we always do it downstairs in the guest room. [01:06.77]n yeah her momma knows everything, [01:10.23]uh but wit her pops it aint cool. [01:14.97] [01:15.21]sex in the rain [01:31.19] [01:31.41]ooooh yeahh [01:33.62]uhh [01:36.01]ohh. [01:36.22]damn girl. [01:37.71]OH... [01:39.86] [01:45.39]n then in two hours thirty minutes. [01:47.85]we bout to reach our record time girl, [01:51.62]you know im not finished, [01:54.84]i wanna see you cum into my world. [01:58.29]i just wanna be the captain, [02:01.06]that sail to ya waterfall. [02:04.78]get it craccin when i say action.. [02:07.75]we about to make a movie for yall. [02:13.73] [02:13.95]sex in the rain [02:27.42] [02:27.61]she said she wanna get wet, [02:28.94]so lets sex in the rain. [02:31.07]n she say fly high so lets jet to a plain. [02:34.15]n this might sound insane but i don't even know her name. [02:37.65]by the way that she swang, [02:39.35]you can tell she do her thang. [02:41.28]graduate with honors cause she got that good brain. [02:44.46]speed it up slow it down, cause she like that good pain. [02:47.92]if that clouds aint out you aint even gotta complain, [02:51.31]throw a stack in the air bet that kinda feel the same. [02:56.07] [02:56.27]sex in the rain [03:24.25] Ray J - Sex In The Rain (Feat. Shorty Mack) [04:05.46] [04:05.61]sex in the rain