[ti:Arbeit Macht Frei] [ar:The Libertines] [al:The Libertines] [by:炫网资讯 Liuxuan.com] [offset:500] [00:00.00]The Libertines - Arbeit Macht Frei [00:16.71] [00:18.71]Roll a gasper [00:21.92]The guard said he could stay alive [00:23.43]But he has to shovel [00:24.57]And burn his friends to die, people do die [00:28.06]And on the gate read: [00:30.33]Arbeit Macht Frei [00:33.82]In her rollers [00:36.01]And a gasper [00:37.44]Cleaning the steps in the mean street [00:39.20]Where no policeman walks the beat [00:43.41]her old man; [00:45.59]He don't like blacks or queers [00:49.29]yet he's proud he beat the nazis, how queer... [00:52.73] [00:54.95]arbeit macht frei [00:56.87] [01:03.21]oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhhh [01:10.00]Arbeit macht frei [01:11.63] [01:13.03] [01:14.32] [01:14.63]END