[ti:Come On Home] [ar:Franz Ferdinand] [al:] [00:01.86]Come On Home [00:05.13]Franz Ferdinand [00:10.78] [00:23.09]Although my lover lives [00:25.24]In a place that I can't live [00:27.55]I kind of find I like a life [00:30.65]This lonely [00:31.66]It rips and pierces me [00:33.54]In places I can't see [00:35.55]I love the rip of nerves [00:37.25]The rip that wakes me [00:39.24] [00:39.70]So I'm dissatisfied [00:41.67]I love to satisfy [00:43.80]I love to feel as though there's more that I need [00:46.87] [00:48.22]So come on home [00:52.07]So come on home [00:56.41]So come on - home home [01:07.90] [01:27.14]You're where you want to be [01:29.24]I'm where I want to be [01:31.22]Come on we're chasing [01:33.45]Everything we've ever wanted [01:35.82]I Replace you easily [01:38.18]Replace pathetically [01:40.23]I flirt with every flighty thing [01:42.43]That falls my way [01:44.11]But how I needed you [01:46.62]When I needed you [01:48.40]Let's not forget [01:49.48]We are so strong [01:50.73]So bloody strong [01:52.87] [01:53.43]Come on home [01:56.99]So come on home [02:00.92]So come on - home, home [02:13.05] [03:04.90]Blue light falls [03:07.24]Upon your perfect skin [03:09.76]Falls and you draw back again [03:13.77]Falls and this is how I fell [03:18.75]And I cannot forget [03:23.26]I cannot forget [03:27.37] [03:28.57]Come on home [03:32.29]So come on home [03:36.15]But don't forget to leave [03:42.70]