[ti:Simply Beautiful] [ar:Al Green] [al:Supreme Al Green] [offset:0] [00:01.37]Simply beautiful - Al green [00:17.34]If I gave you my love [00:19.34] [00:23.43]I tell you what I'd do [00:25.37] [00:29.93]I'd expect a whole lot of love out of you [00:35.09] [00:38.33]Ha [00:38.59] [00:44.30]You got to be good to me [00:46.24] [00:50.63]I'm gonna be good to you [00:52.50] [00:57.09]There's a whole lot of things you and I could do [01:02.09] [01:05.44]Huh, ha, ha [01:08.55] [01:14.21]Ho, baby [01:15.80] [01:25.56]Yeah, yeah [01:26.44] [01:34.53]What about the way you love me, [01:36.48] [01:41.02]And the way you squeeze me, yeah [01:45.93] [01:47.00]Yea, ya simply beautiful [01:49.13] [01:53.06]Yeah, yeah, beautiful, yeah [01:59.49] [02:01.85]When you get right down to it [02:03.97] [02:06.19]Oh, mmh-hmm [02:09.55] [02:11.14]Oh, ho, huh [02:13.46] [02:14.20]Oh, ho, ho, huh [02:18.02]Mmh hmm, hmm, hmm [02:20.02]Mmmmmmmmh, hmmmm! [02:24.98] [02:26.61]Ay, hey, baby [02:28.13] [02:30.51]Yeah, yeah, yeah, ha, ha [02:34.15] [02:36.87]Baby, yeah, when you need me [02:40.83] [02:43.25]I'll be [02:43.88]right there [02:44.74] [02:47.83]Beside you, girl, yeah [02:49.41] [02:50.97]You know I care [02:52.15]Listen, baby, Baby, baby [02:59.29] [03:03.13]Oh [03:03.62]Mmmmmmmmh, hmmmm [03:05.50] [03:08.68]Heeeyyy, yeah, yeah, Now girl [03:13.90] [03:15.64]Sometimes when you're feeling low [03:19.25] [03:24.33]All you got to do is call me [03:26.21] [03:28.79]Uh, huh, you're simply beautiful [03:31.36] [03:34.16]Hey baby, baby, hey [03:36.91] [03:39.42]Oh, ho, ho, ho [03:42.04]Yeah, yeah, yeah [03:43.10]Yeah, hey, yeah [03:44.35]Yeah, yeah, yeah [03:45.44]Yeah, hey, yeah [03:46.65] [03:47.27]Yeah, yeah, yeah [03:48.02] [03:49.39]Yeah, hey [03:49.97] [03:51.03]Whew, baby [03:52.47] [03:53.15]There's so many good [03:54.64]things I could say about you, girl [03:56.23]I could say that I [03:57.51]Really, really, now, really, really [04:01.07] [04:05.04]Whoa