[ti:2014] [ar:Tha Alkaholiks] [al:Coast II Coast] [offset:0] [00:00.58]2014-Tha Alkaholiks [00:02.34](sample - "Back in the days I knew rap would never die" - KRS One) [00:09.29]Verse One: J-Ro [00:12.47]The year is 2004, people talk about war [00:15.16]I had to hit the floor when the bombs began toopour [00:17.59]Ten minutes ago I was mad cause my stomach was grumbling [00:20.52]Now the whole world is crumbling [00:22.77]I hear people scream across the street gettin crushed [00:25.33]This went on for twenty minutes then the whole world hushed [00:27.44]I couldn't see shit but I could feel myself breathin [00:30.38]Damn I'm still kickin but I'm just not believing [00:32.44]I give thanks to God then I'm off on my mission [00:35.50]Ain't no stars in the sky so it ain't no wishin [00:38.00]I wonder, I wonder, I just can't under-stand [00:40.12] [00:41.74]Why, am I the last man? [00:43.68]Verse Two: [00:59.28] [01:02.07]These crazy thoughts in my head won't stop [01:06.12]Where's my moms and my pops and what about hip-hop [01:08.81]I'm pickin up things that could be of use to me [01:11.30]Too build a makeshift crib where Hollywood used to be [01:13.87]And it ain't no forties, it ain't no blunts [01:16.24]I ain't had no ass in five years and eight months [01:18.85]Five more years pass, and I still survive [01:21.48]And I'm through with wonderin who's still alive [01:24.22]Until one day I'm just walkin along [01:26.41]And I hear this kid singin a hip-hop song [01:28.96]He said, "That's the way it is, and it's like that" [01:31.59]I said, "Yo kid c'mere, where you learn that song at?" [01:34.27]He said, "My daddy taught me about the hip-hop game [01:36.71]I'm eight years old and Rakim is my name" [01:39.32]He said, "Yo I'll take you to him, come follow me; [01:41.95]but first you gotta prove that you can MC" [01:44.00]So I cleared my throat got in a b-boy stance [01:46.88]and I ran through a rhyme that made him piss in his pants [01:49.63]With tears in his eyes, he grabbed me by the hand [01:52.18]And then we ran, ten miles across the sand [01:54.55]He took me to the spot, dig deep underground [01:56.55]Where I can hear the sound of the big bass pound [01:59.73]I wasn't really sure, but I swore we smelled blunt smoke [02:02.60]No joke loc, well can I get a joke? [02:05.03]He took me to his pops and he handed me a spliff [02:07.65]And out behind the wall came Tash and E-Swift [02:09.96]They took me to a freestle session it was on [02:12.46]I knew hip-hop would never be gone [02:15.46]FIve hundred hip-hop deep [02:17.25]Yo we cool in 2014, Alkaholiks still rulin [02:20.61]Ooutro: [02:31.85]It's gonna live forever [02:33.59]This goes out to the P-Town, LBNT [02:35.09] [02:36.22]KnowhatI'msayin? [02:40.84]Check it out [02:47.26]Hip-hop doesn't stop [02:53.13]Alkaholiks [03:00.49]Check it out [03:02.36]