[ti:Showdown] [ar:Pendulum] [al:In Silico] [offset:0] [00:02.86]Pendulum - Showdown [00:06.94]It's been such a long time coming [00:09.46]I'd thought you'd understand [00:10.71] [00:12.65]That's over,hate of the last [00:15.06]Will be joining in the sand [00:16.36] [00:17.30]But it's simple you were wrong [00:20.59] [00:22.73]You must have known that we didn't not belong [00:25.81] [00:28.94]I know you thought I'd sold my soul [00:31.37]But you never told me to my face [00:33.74] [00:34.43]I just had to let you go [00:36.43] [00:37.11]And blow this shit away