[ti:Visions] [ar:Judas Priest] [al:Nostradamus] [00:02.00]Judas Priest - Visions [00:05.00] [00:11.51]Anvils ignite [00:15.72]Once again [00:18.68]I watch them dance around the plain [00:23.20]Sparks start to fly [00:26.35]I can't speak [00:28.77]From seeing answers that I seek [00:38.18]Shapes start to form [00:42.42]As I stare [00:45.08]The shadows taunt as if to dare [00:49.85]Ghostly embrace takes my heart [00:55.55]Now I surrender and it starts [04:33.40][04:11.41][01:55.94][01:04.85]Visions in the night [04:36.31][04:15.01][01:59.49][01:09.13]Show me what is right [04:38.97][04:17.87][02:02.30][01:11.67]Help me through the maze [04:41.72][04:20.46][02:04.87][01:14.41]...of mystery [04:44.09][04:23.22][02:07.31][01:16.66]I would sell my soul [04:46.99][04:25.73][02:10.30][01:19.32]If only I could know [04:49.62][04:28.39][02:12.98][01:22.11]What the future holds [04:52.58][04:30.96][02:15.57][01:24.71]And what will be [01:31.50]Slowly my hand (my hand) [01:36.28]Turns the page (the page) [01:38.84]It never ceases to amaze [01:42.44]Fill me with hope (with hope) [01:46.30]If you can (fill me with hope) [01:49.09]I will become a better man [02:22.52]Visions come [02:27.37]Into my mind [02:32.55]Foretell the future [02:37.72]Of mankind [03:04.30]Only time will prove that I'm right [03:11.50]Will my words come true (will my words come true) [03:16.72]I can't deny the gift of foresight (I can't deny) [03:21.46]There's nothing I can do