[ti:Boombox (Feat. Julian Casablancas)] [ar:The Lonely Island] [al:Incredibad] [by:李泽昊] [00:02.00]The Lonely Island - Boombox (Feat. Julian Casablancas) [00:03.00]LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang [00:04.00]@ QQ 469999131 @ [00:05.00] [00:06.87]Imagine in your mind a posh country club [00:10.30]The stuffy old money where the poor kid's snubbed [00:13.59]The spread is bland sauerkraut and boiled goose [00:17.00]There's no way these people will ever cut loose [00:20.57]But then I walk in the room, hold my boombox high [00:24.16]And what happened next, will blow your mind [00:27.70]Everything got outta control [00:30.97]The music was so entrancing [00:34.69]Everyone got out on the floor [00:38.23]It was a bunch of old white people dancing [00:41.57]Now picture if you will a bunch of business men [00:44.98]Stuffed in the boardroom like pigs in a pen [00:48.58]The ties around the necks are like a hangman's noose [00:51.92]In the middle of the table theres a boiled goose [00:55.52]The old people smell makes you want to puke in the sink [00:59.18]These dudes will never dance yeah that's what you think [01:02.72]I stride in the room all young and hip [01:05.96]Hold up my boombox and say listen to this [01:09.79]Then everyone started to move [01:12.99]People rejoiced instead of financing [01:16.61]Your preconceived notions were shattered [01:20.08]By the super old white people dancing [01:23.81]The big apple, where people never dance [01:27.17]Spirits go down while profits expand [01:30.62]The cops or the dealers, who's got the juice [01:33.99]The street benders peddling their boiled goose [01:37.50]So many types of people will never get along [01:41.05]Till I bust out my boombox and play this song [01:44.79]The music washed away all the hate [01:47.97]And society started advancing [01:51.66]Every demographic was represented [01:55.13]It was a rainbow coalition of dancing [01:59.50]Whoa ! [02:02.21]Everyone was wearing fingerless