[ti:About Life] [ar:Julianne Hough] [al:Audio Daydream] [00:02.00]Julianne Hough - About Life [00:06.00] [00:09.73]Ever since I was a little girl you couldn’t dare tell me a thing [00:14.60]I was as stubborn as they come, I was such a drama queen [00:19.01]Thought I was right, yeah I could do no wrong [00:28.48]Some could’ve beens, a few dead ends, some bumps along the way [00:33.33]Some never should’ve been boyfriends that ended in heartache [00:37.79]But I still try to see the brighter side [02:21.71][00:47.42]What goes up don’t always come back down [02:26.90][00:52.80]What goes around don’t always come around [02:33.14][01:51.47][00:56.92]I’ve been down on my knees beggin’ the lord [02:35.84][01:53.59][00:59.33]The devil’s been knocking at my door [02:38.19][01:56.03][01:01.77]I’ve been in the dark but I’ve always found the light [02:42.65][02:00.04][01:06.35]I’ve been up and down this road before [02:45.21][02:02.77][01:08.72]I keep on coming back for more [02:52.08][02:47.65][02:05.23][01:11.18]And I still haven’t figured a damn thing out about life [01:22.33]I’ve lived and learned and I’ve been burned but it’s all a part of me [01:27.49]I’ve got bars around my heart, but I still believe [01:31.81]There’s someone out there with a key [01:41.28]I still dream and I won’t give up the fight [01:46.78]And who knows if I’ll ever get it right [02:30.77]I’m gonna keep on keeping on