[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [by:] [00:03.82]The Path [01:05.80]There is no turning back [01:08.62]From this unending path of mine [01:14.23]Serpentine and black [01:16.94]It stands before my eyes [01:22.27]To hell and back [01:25.23]It will lead me once more [01:30.46]It's all I have as I stumble in and out of grace [01:37.54]I walk through the gardens Of dying light [01:46.00]And cross all the rivers [01:50.99]Deep and dark as the night [01:54.75]Searching for a reason [01:59.14]Why time would've passed us by [02:04.30]With every step I take [02:13.08]The less I know myself [02:17.53]And every vow I break [02:21.38]On my way towards your heart [02:27.33]Countless times I've prayed [02:29.33]For forgiveness [02:30.76]But gods just laugh at my face [02:34.73]And this path remains [02:37.44]Leading me into solitude's arms [02:43.34]I see through the darkness [02:47.18]My way back home [02:50.58]The journey seems endless [02:55.26]But I'll carry on [02:59.82]The shadows will rise [03:03.10]And they will fall [03:07.36]And our night drowns in dawn [04:27.94]Amidst all the tears there's a smile [04:30.98]All angels greet with an envious song [04:35.31]One look into stranger's eyes [04:38.80]And I know where I belong