[ti:Stranger] [ar:Hooverphonic] [al:《The President of the Lsd Golf Club》(2007)] [02:51.31][00:13.60]-= Hooverphonic 《 Stranger 》=- [04:25.91][04:16.38][04:03.81][03:00.74][02:48.12][00:23.07] [04:28.62][03:03.92][00:26.18]……杭州 > Pub 1991 < 棒儿…… [00:35.70] [00:38.83]Stranger [00:42.35]We belong in a world that's too strange for this world [00:51.46] [00:54.62]Stranger [00:58.16]We do long for a fatamorgana dream world [03:18.55][02:16.56][01:07.31] [03:21.74][02:18.91][01:09.63]Where people love each other [04:22.78][04:12.40][03:57.49][03:44.91][03:32.28][02:41.87][02:29.18][01:32.39][01:19.92]Gready in love [03:38.63][02:35.51][01:38.75][01:26.24] [01:48.15]Stranger [01:51.72]Touch my face to prove I'm awake in this world [02:00.78] [02:03.99]Stranger [02:07.42]Gently blow some life into hope for a strange world [03:51.27]