[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:00.00]Addicted [02:56.99][02:39.63][01:29.29][00:55.73][00:35.98][00:18.93][00:00.04][00:00.01] [00:00.02]Acekiller [00:00.03]I love you Bea [00:01.13]Let me talk to em [00:04.26]I guess you know you made it when they start talking bout you, right? [00:09.77]Welcome to fame [00:13.94]Ya\'ll don\'t pay me no mind, I just gotta get some stuff off my chest [01:46.38][00:35.38][00:17.70]Listen [00:19.20]Young, energetic, famous but don\'t really sweat it [00:23.46]Rich enough, fairly hot - so basically sex is not: [00:27.85]Difficult to get [00:31.20]That ain\'t my fault, naw naw [00:36.55]And just cuz I might take advantage once or twice [00:41.09]People tell me I\'m not right, thinking that sex was my life [00:45.57]But that just ain\'t me [00:48.17]So let me clear it for those who have obviously misread the code [00:54.62]Listen to me now [03:15.15][02:57.54][02:22.04][02:04.58][01:11.71][00:56.15]NO [03:16.94][02:59.52][02:24.18][02:06.63][01:13.88][00:56.50]I [03:19.16][03:01.65][02:26.37][02:08.88][01:16.07][00:58.62]AM [03:21.21][03:03.74][02:28.36][02:11.01][01:18.24][01:00.69]NOT [03:22.77][03:04.96][02:29.86][02:12.46][01:19.68][01:02.21]I\'m not ADDICTED TO SEX [03:25.73][03:08.19][02:32.93][02:15.37][01:22.63][01:05.09]But girl I guarantee that if you lay with me [03:12.45][02:21.09][01:09.54]You just might be [03:29.99][02:37.31][01:26.94]You just might be yeah [01:31.48]I wanna \'pologize for bein just a little freaky [01:35.57]I can\'t help it, it\'s just ? [01:37.09]But a problem it is not [01:40.73]I\'m just fine ya\'ll [01:43.03]Don\'t worry bout me [01:47.84]And I wanna \'pologize [01:50.85]For bein blessed with the ability to satisfy accurately [01:55.76]And quickly find the spot [01:57.85]It\'s a gift and a curse [02:00.54]Don\'t mess around - find my number [02:03.16]In your girlfriend\'s purse [02:41.04]I never been shy bout my self and sexuality [02:45.30]Never been taboo (never been taboo but if I) [02:48.58]Have to live without [02:50.65]I know its something I could do [02:53.57]But I just really don\'t want to