[ti:Pick Up The Pieces] [ar:Money Mark] [al:Brand New by Tomorrow] [by:Kongcen] [00:01.35]Money Mark - Pick Up The Pieces [00:05.02]《Brand New by Tomorrow》 [00:10.87](Lyrics by Kongcen@sogua欧美前线) [00:17.67] [00:29.47]Too many sorries went around [00:38.62]And he became a familiar sound [00:47.89]Got so tired of the melody [00:57.13]Melodies were meant to be free [01:05.83]You got me picking up all my pieces [01:10.37]Put them back in my pocket [01:12.93]In case I need them [01:15.13]Hoping it's not if but when [01:20.31]Hoping it's not so much later but so soon [01:26.20]Oh [01:29.17] [01:42.76]When we last talked we didn't expect a thing [01:52.51]Couldn't believe but your love did sting [02:01.32]If I found myself walking backwards into you [02:11.18]Would you spill out all your memories too [02:20.47]We're picking up all our pieces [02:24.86]Put them back in our pockets and just leave them [02:29.73]Hoping it's not if but when [02:34.33]Hoping the same old melody will feel new [02:41.02]Oh [02:45.45]