[ti:大家来恋爱] [ar:刘若英&徐怀钰&孔令奇] [al:《涩女郎》电视原声带] [by:炫网资讯 Liuxuan.com] [00:02.83]大家来恋爱 [00:07.71]演唱:刘若英、徐怀钰、孔令奇 [00:12.50] [00:42.00]徐:要一见钟情 要一箭穿心 [00:47.92]一瞬间就决定 才是真的爱情 [00:56.41]刘:要想清楚 要一步一步 [01:01.79]等缘分都停驻 才有真正的幸福 [01:09.65]合唱:干嘛要想得很美想得很远 [01:13.70]只要这秒有感觉 [01:17.30]孔:吻一下 拥抱一下都胜过誓言 [01:23.62]徐:一恋爱我会撒娇又耍赖 [01:27.14]刘:一恋爱我会体贴又关怀 [01:30.57]刘/徐:看着情人小事也变得浪漫 [01:34.55]听冷笑话都会笑到流汗 [01:37.63]徐:一恋爱我的人会亮起来 [01:40.97]刘:一恋爱我会活的更精采 [01:44.35]徐:热恋的人总会特可爱 [01:48.37]微笑像有翅膀停不下来 大家来恋爱 [01:53.53] [01:58.38]Why you talki' that mess huh? [02:00.07]Why you trippin'but love huh? [02:01.77]Why can't you just let it go Just don't say no [02:04.09]Give it to me now momma [02:05.24]You must be dreamin'if you think love is so 完美 [02:08.65]So you best stop dreamin'lemme tell you love is a game [02:12.27]It'slike round n round spinnin here we go you be like [02:14.56]"Is this really ture?" [02:15.69]I say I don't know can't tell you right now [02:17.45]But you can stii be my boo [02:19.16]It's just like somethih' about you makes me feel on so good [02:22.72]So just don,t don't fight the feeiing [02:24.63]Wouidn't stop if you could [02:26.98]徐:要一见钟情 要一箭穿心 [02:32.28]一瞬间就决定 才是真的爱情 [02:40.79]刘:要想清楚 要一步一步 [02:46.20]等缘分都停驻 才有真正的幸福 [02:54.00]合唱:干嘛要想得很美想得很远 [02:58.09]只要这秒有感觉 [03:01.62]孔:吻一下 拥抱一下都胜过誓言 [03:08.00]徐:一恋爱我会撒娇又耍赖 [03:11.39]刘:一恋爱我会体贴又关怀 [03:14.82]刘/徐:看着情人小事也变得浪漫 [03:18.86]听冷笑话都会笑到流汗 [03:21.84]徐:一恋爱我的人会亮起来 [03:25.27]刘:一恋爱我会活的更精采 [03:28.72]刘/徐:热恋的人总会特可爱 [03:32.74]微笑像有翅膀停不下来 [03:36.46]I look at love simply give me some please [03:38.10]If you don't want it pass it on move quickly [03:40.11]Tese girls they need attention [03:41.88]My time love and affection [03:43.14]Day one all on stress [03:45.32]Day two up in your neck [03:46.86]Day three where did this come from [03:48.65]Day four comes around baby girl I'm gone [03:49.87]合 : 恋爱是两个人互相依赖 [03:53.10]恋爱是默契好过双胞胎 [03:56.55]有另一半总会勇敢起来 [04:00.45]可以到达最幸福的未来 [04:03.54]大家来恋爱 [04:05.07]