[00:00.89]Solitaire [00:01.84]Carpenters [04:21.32][03:45.74][01:56.50][01:02.22][00:02.71] [02:27.39][00:08.72]There was a man, a lonely man, [00:22.72]who lost his love through his indifference. [00:37.12]A heart that kept, that went unchecked, [00:51.16]until it died within his silence. [03:46.53][02:53.59][01:03.62]And Solitaire's the only game in town, [03:53.31][03:00.32][01:10.67]and every road that takes him down. [03:06.86][01:17.54]And by himself, it's easy to pretend, [03:12.77][01:23.17]he'll never love again. [03:19.91][01:30.67]And keeping to himself he plays the game, [03:26.57][01:37.40]without her love it always ends the same. [03:59.75][03:33.08][01:44.30]While life goes on around him everywhere, [04:06.62][03:38.97][01:50.17]he's playing Solitaire. [01:59.74]A little hope goes up in smoke, [02:13.60]just how it goes, goes without saying. [02:41.65]who would command the hand he's playing. [04:22.52]