[ti:Too Many Tears] [ar:Elton John] [al:Peachtree Road] [offset:500] [00:03.61]Too Many Tears [00:08.55]Elton John [00:13.64] [00:24.60]Did you see the first man on the moon? [00:27.83]Have you seen the first light of day? [00:30.72]When there wasn't someone stuck inside [00:34.24]Something like the moon [00:35.85]Something like a star that's lost its way [00:39.87]Did you go to Dallas on that day? [00:43.01]Have you been to where they broke a dream? [00:46.07]Where there really isn't room for doubt [00:49.58]Somehow we got lost [00:51.07]And the truth is buried somewhere inbetween [00:55.83]And everyone, everywhere [03:04.19][02:09.86][00:58.64]Take time and dry your eyes [03:07.54][02:13.02][01:01.89]'Cause too many tears, too many tears [03:10.37][02:15.99][01:04.61]Have been cried [03:13.46][02:18.86][01:07.74]Just look into that beautiful blue [03:17.60][02:22.14][01:10.86]That beautiful blue, blue sky [03:20.70][02:25.38][01:14.20]And know too many tears, too many tears [03:25.68][02:29.28][01:19.00]Have been cried [03:30.16][02:32.38][01:23.42] [01:35.50]The mystery of why they had to leave [01:38.16]I'm only one of thousands saying why [01:41.21]Why a balcony in Memphis Tennessee [01:44.39]Seems trapped in time [01:45.99]Just an angry finger pointing at the sky [01:50.43]Would you wait to stand inside his shoes? [01:53.56]And is the best all you have to give [01:57.02]The barefoot man lived a simple life [01:59.78]I guess he knew [02:01.20]Something's die so other things might live [02:07.03]So everyone, everywhere [03:00.86]Oh come on everyone, everywhere