[ti:Meadowlarks] [ar:Fleet Foxes] [al:Fleet Foxes] [00:01.19]Fleet Foxes - Meadowlarks [00:02.99] [00:09.33]Meadowlark, fly your way down [00:18.16]I hold a cornucopia and a golden crown [00:27.11]For you to wear upon your fleecy down [00:34.22] [00:36.07]A meadowlark sing to me [00:42.87] [00:45.55]Hummingbird, just let me down [00:54.27]Inside the broken ovals of your olive eyes [01:03.41]I do believe you gave it your best try [01:10.49] [01:12.32]A hummingbird sing to me [01:19.72] [01:21.83]Mmmmmmm... [01:48.41] [01:48.61]A hummingbird sing to me [01:55.71] [01:57.94]Don't believe a word that I haven't heard [02:06.98]Little children laughing at the boys and girl [02:15.81]The meadowlark singing to you each and every day [02:24.84]The arch-line on the hillside and the market in the hay [02:32.10] [02:32.31]Ooooh... [03:10.12]