[ti:Shipyard (feat. Jimmy Nail, Br] [ar:Sting] [al:The Last Ship (Deluxe Edition)] [00:00.38]Shipyard - Sting [00:00.94](feat. Jimmy Nail, Brian Johnson & Jo Lawry) [00:02.63] [00:15.54]Ah, me name is Jackie White and I'm foreman of the yard, [00:19.16] [00:19.67]And ye don't mess with Jackie on this quayside. [00:22.22] [00:22.97]Why I'm as hard as iron plate, woe betide ye if yr late, [00:27.09]When we have to push the boat out on a spring tide. [00:29.77] [00:30.46]Now ye could die and hope for Heaven, but ye'd need to work shift,your [00:34.20]And I'd expect ye's all to back us to the hilt. [00:36.82] [00:37.69]And if St. Peter at his gate were to ask ye why yr late, [00:41.75]Why you'd tell him that ye had to get a ship built. [00:44.43] [00:45.37]We built battleships and cruisers for Her Majesty the Queen, [00:49.24]Super tankers for Onassis, and all the classes in between, [00:52.67]We built the greatest shipping tonnage that the world has ever seen, [00:57.22] [00:57.91]And the only life we've known is in the shipyard. [01:00.97] [01:05.21]All the platers and the welders, and the boiler making crews, [01:09.08]When they see that bugger finished on the slipway, [01:11.64] [01:12.51]All the hardship's soon forgot and we'll cheer as like as not, [01:16.57]And the bairns'll wave their Union Jacks all day. [01:19.56]It's a patriotic scene, all that's missing is the Queen, [01:23.87]But she said she couldn't make it of a Tuesday. [01:26.49] [01:27.24]Then something wells up here inside, and you could take it in yr stride, [01:31.23]But you wonder if you'll see another payday. [01:33.73] [01:34.35]For there's a mixture of emotions, hatred, gratitude and pride, [01:37.91] [01:38.41]And you hate yourself for crying but it's difficult to hide, [01:41.78]For there's a sadness in the leavin' and ye worry what's ahead, [01:45.32]And that worry never leaves ye, keeps on nagging in yr head, [01:48.94]And so ye pray to God for orders, but ye'll worry till yr dead... [01:53.93]Until they bury your remains in the blacksmith's shed, [01:57.86] [01:58.73]And the only life ye've known is in the shipyard. [02:02.29] [02:03.04]Steel in the stockyard, [02:05.10]Iron in the soul, [02:06.41]We'll conjure up a ship where there used to be a hole. [02:11.22]And I don't know what we'll do if this yard gets sold, [02:15.02] [02:15.67]For the only life we've known is in the shipyard. [02:19.04] [02:28.02]Ah, me name is Tommy Thompson, I'm shop steward for the Union, [02:31.83]Me dream is proletarian revolution, [02:33.51] [02:35.13]Comrades, brothers, fellow travellers and others, [02:38.13]Class struggle is the means of dialectic evolution. [02:41.19] [02:41.75]Das Kapital's me bible and the ruling class are liable, [02:45.24]And quoting Marx and Engels, it's entirely justifiable, [02:48.68]If the workers' revolution here is ever to be viable, [02:54.04] [02:55.48]And we become the rightful owners of this shipyard. [02:58.97]So it's a one-day stoppage, or an overtime ban, [03:02.09]Or a work to rule for the Five Year Plan. [03:06.40] [03:08.21]'Til the means of production are safely in our hands, [03:11.83] [03:12.64]And we become the rightful owners of this shipyard. [03:15.69] [03:16.38]I'm not saying it won't be hard if the boss hands us me cards, [03:19.75]When they try to close us down like other shipyards. [03:21.90] [03:22.64]And if industrial action only helps the competition, [03:26.20]As I've heard the bosses bleating from their usual position, [03:29.70]And I stand accused of anarchy, disruption and sedition, [03:33.69] [03:36.12]Well ye'll never knock us down, you reactionary clowns! [03:39.81] [03:40.37]When it's time for occupation of the shipyard. [03:43.74]My name is Peggy White, [03:47.54] [03:49.60]And I've nursed ye through your injuries and yr cuts and wounds I've bound. [03:54.78] [03:55.41]Busted arms, and busted heads, [03:57.96]Broken backs and broken legs, [04:00.27] [04:00.84]I'd sooner put ye in a splint than have them put ye in the ground. [04:05.76] [04:06.64]And the fumes from all the welding where the poison air is hung, [04:09.88]And the toxic radiation that's been blackening your tongue, [04:12.63]I could give you's all an aspirin while you're coughing up your lungs, [04:18.37] [04:20.38]But it's all you'll ever get here in this shipyard. [04:23.25] [04:34.42]Ah, me name is Davy Harrison, I like a drink or two, [04:37.35]You could ask me when it started but I haven't got a clue. [04:40.16]I'm never sad or miserable I'm never ever blue, [04:42.78]And I'll still be up tomorrow for the shipyard. [04:45.27] [04:45.96]I drink meself into a stupor and I wake up with two heeds, [04:50.33]And then the missus starts complainin' about all me drunken deeds, [04:54.39] [04:55.45]Like when I got the train to Sunderland but found meself in Leeds, [05:00.69] [05:01.56]And I had to get up early for the shipyard. [05:04.56] [05:05.49]I once gave up the drinking, was it 1963? [05:09.55]But it seems as if sobriety was not the thing for me, [05:12.98]It was the worst three hours I ever hope to see... [05:18.47] [05:19.03]Steel in the stockyard, [05:20.34]Iron in the soul, [05:21.65]We'll conjure up a ship where there used to be a hole. [05:26.71]And the ship sets sail and the tale gets told, [05:30.39] [05:31.26]And the only life I've known is in the shipyard. [05:34.82]Steel in the stockyard, [05:35.57]Iron in the soul, [05:36.57]We'll get the bastard finished, and we'll end up on the dole. [05:40.38] [05:41.93]And we don't know what we'll do if the yard gets sold, [05:47.74]The only life we've ever known is in the shipyard.