[ti:Goodbye To Love] [ar:Carpenters] [by:非常歌词-http://music.liuxuan.com] [00:00.50]I'll say goodbye to love [00:04.50]No one ever cared if I should live or die [00:11.50]Time and time again the chance for love has passed me by [00:16.50]And all I know of love is how to live without it [00:20.50]I just can't seem to find it [00:27.50]So I've made my mind up I must live my life alone [00:32.50]And though it's not the easy way I guess I've always know [00:38.50]I'd say goodbye to love [00:43.50]There are no tomorrows for this heart of mine [00:48.50]Surely time will lose these bitter memories [00:53.50]And I'll find that there is someone to believe in [00:55.50]And to live for something I could live for [01:03.50]All the years of useless search [01:01.50]Have finally reached an end Loneliness and empty days will be my only friend [01:15.50]From this day love is forgotten [01:18.50]I'll go on as best I can [01:46.50]What lies in the future is a mystery to us all [01:53.50]No one can predict the wheel of fortune as it falls [01:59.50]There may come a time when I will see that I've been wrong [02:04.50]But for now this is my song [02:08.50]And it's goodbye to love [02:13.50]I'll say goodbye to love [02:19.50](music)@#$%^&*~~~~~~~@$$$$$$&&&&&&& [02:29.50]Goodbye To Love [02:39.50]sung by: Carpenters [02:54.50]Goodbye To Love [03:09.50]sung by: Carpenters [03:19.50]editor:寻欢&晴晴(richroad@chinaren.com) [03:49.50]THE END