[ti:Sunset] [ar:Marques Houston] [al:] [by:都市神話] [00:-13.00]Marques Houston - Sunset [00:-11.00](lyrics by 都市神話@MaxRNB) [00:-9.00]Maximal r&b - The Freshest & Hottest R&B/ Hip-Hop Music! [00:-2.58] [00:09.43]I remeber the day you [00:11.70]First told me that [00:14.27]I was the man that had your heart [00:18.47]From that day fourth I [00:20.94]Knew that nothing would [00:23.20]Ever come and tear us apart [00:26.74]So many people tried to [00:29.91]Warn me about you [00:32.36]Said that i should never trust you [00:35.87]But so stupid me I [00:38.44]Didnt listen and I let myself go fall in love with you [00:43.78] [00:44.54] [00:45.38](What happend to us) [00:47.14]You supposed to be my future [00:49.62]Bought the ring and had to take right back [00:53.52](Were you really in love) [00:56.04]Or was I just a game [00:59.16]To prove to yourself you could get me (Yeah) [01:02.61] [01:03.15] [01:05.11]Your more beautiful [01:06.69]Than Anything in this world [01:09.74]More precious than [01:11.63]The rarest diamond or pearl [01:13.59]And even though we didnt work out together [01:16.20]Your still my sunset [01:20.09]And i know that you and I are two worlds apart [01:27.47]But you will always be the one to have my heart [01:31.82]Im gonna love you then, now, and forever [01:36.18]Cuz your my sunset [01:43.08] [01:43.37] [01:43.79]Your innocent smile used to drive me wild [01:46.70]Even though you aint innocent at all [01:50.52]And now i feel so stupid cuz [01:52.57]Im the only man that ever [01:55.40]Loved you even with all your faults [01:58.78]Even your bestfriend questions [02:02.08]Why i still would be with you after knowing your past [02:05.00]But what she didnt understand is knowing your past is why i thought we could last [02:14.49] [02:16.92] [02:17.43](What happend to us) [02:19.12]We had something special [02:21.60]What? was i not good enough for you [02:25.64](Were you really in love) [02:28.71]Can't show m