[ti:At The End Of The Day] [ar:Everclear] [al:In A Different Light] [00:02.00]Everclear - At The End Of The Day [00:07.00] [00:19.01]5 AM on a Sunday morning [00:24.74]Walking uptown with the rain in the snow [00:30.66]When I saw you, it came without a warning [00:35.35]A face I had never seen [00:38.28]A feeling I had never known [00:42.57]Moving slow in the early morning [00:46.88]Making love in the quiet of the day [00:52.24]The world was waiting to take us to a new place [00:57.75]We knew that we were changing [01:00.28]We knew that we would never be the same [02:49.00][01:59.56][01:05.11]I know [02:02.95][01:07.65]I would do it all over again [02:56.99][02:07.88][01:12.97]At the end of the day [02:10.95][01:15.81]When we are alone [02:13.92][01:18.57]I get that feeling when I see your face [02:18.65][01:23.75]And I know [01:27.27]You'll be there at the end of the day [01:36.28]Two years later we are living together [01:41.88]We built our dream house on a hill by the sea [01:47.50]We could see the shadows that were growing in the distance [01:52.64]We were hiding [01:55.01]We were blind to what we did not want to see [02:23.58]We will be together [02:26.93]5 years gone by we have turned into strangers [02:31.62]We never talk since you went away [02:36.95]Now I find myself walking in circles [02:42.22]I keep looking for you everywhere [02:44.98]Keep waiting for the end of the day [02:52.46]I would do it all again [03:00.45]When I'm all alone [03:03.21]I get a feeling that I can't explain [03:10.36]If I knew then what I know now [03:13.29]Wouldn't change a thing if I could somehow [03:15.66]I would do it all over [03:18.38]Over and over again [03:21.66]I hope and I pray [03:25.93]We can do it all over again