[ti:Johnny] [ar:Craig David] [al:The Story Goes] [offset:500] [00:00.00]Craig David - Johnny [00:03.61]Album: The Story Goes [00:09.41][00:13.76][04:15.36][04:18.62] [00:14.73]It's another day at school [00:16.01]And he's just walking out the door [00:17.79]Got his rucksack on his back [00:19.30]And his feet dragging on the floor [00:21.18]Always late for when he's questioned [00:22.78]He can't think of what to say [00:24.56]Hides the bruises from the teachers [00:26.15]Hoping that they go away [00:27.80]Even though his mom and dad [00:29.24]They both got problems of their own [00:31.10]Caught a catch at 22 [00:32.47]But he'd still rather be at home [00:34.31]Cries himself to sleep and prays [00:35.94]When he wakes up things might have changed [00:37.81][01:50.38]But everything's still the same [00:40.35][01:52.98]But didn't you say [00:42.13][01:54.61][02:34.19]You always said that I should speak up hmm [00:46.64][01:59.18]But it seems like all the things [00:48.42][02:00.95]You said to me before meant nothing at all [00:52.30][02:04.85][02:57.90]Because [00:54.76][02:07.32][03:00.02][03:26.58][03:52.94]I keep telling you that Johnny's hitting me [00:57.67][02:10.09][03:02.81][03:29.19][03:55.49]That's why I'm late for school [00:59.89][02:12.41][03:05.12][03:31.69][03:58.00](But you never listen) [01:01.42][02:13.94][03:06.60][03:33.00][03:59.47]Instead you always seem to end up blaming me [01:04.23][02:16.70][03:09.45][03:35.85][04:02.10]For things I didn't do [01:06.67][02:19.15][03:11.85][03:38.15][04:04.77](For what it's worth) [01:08.00][02:20.47][03:13.25][03:39.69][04:05.96]I didn't even want to tell you anything [01:10.86][02:23.36][03:16.06][03:42.50][04:08.79]In case it made things worse [01:13.39][02:25.90][03:18.59][03:44.99][04:11.14](Just so you know) [01:14.62][02:27.20][03:19.92][03:46.40][04:12.71]Everytime I say that Johnny's hitting me [01:17.38][02:29.95][03:22.64][03:49.03]Hey mom and dad it hurts [01:27.26]Every day keeps on repeating [01:28.55]Like the record on replay [01:30.32]Slowly getting off the bus [01:31.92]With Johnny waiting at the gates [01:33.65]Like a friend who will smile [01:34.84]And wave at him or calling out his name [01:36.92]Put his arm around his neck [01:38.48]Whisper "now give me all your change!" [01:40.25]To afraid to make a scene [01:41.75]Or plea with him to letting go [01:43.53]He just takes whatever's coming [01:45.19]Feels the pain with every blow [01:46.93]Tries in vain to make himself be heard [01:48.74]As soon as he gets home [02:38.89]And to never be afraid to come [02:41.09]And tell you if I needed to talk [02:44.98](If I needed to talk, yeh) [02:47.42]Well I don't know the meaning of love hmm [02:51.90]'Cos it seems like all the things you said to me [02:54.96]Before meant nothing at all [04:15.74]