[ti:Return To Innoceence] [ar:Enigma] [al:The Cross of Changes] [by:] [00:01.00]Return To Innoceence [00:05.00]Enigma [00:10.00] [00:25.00]Love-Devotion [00:35.50]Feeling-Emotion [00:47.87]Don'T Be Afraid To Be Weak [00:53.30]Don'T Be Too Proud To Be Strong [00:59.27]Just Look Into Your Heart My Friend [01:03.17]That Will Be The Return To Yourself [01:07.18]The Return To Innocence [01:09.18] [01:29.00]The Return To Innocence [01:31.50]If You Want. The Start To Laugh [01:34.00]If You Must.Thenstart To Cry [01:36.50]Be Yourself Don'T Hide [01:39.50]Just Believe In Destiny [01:42.00]Don'T Care What People Say [01:44.50]Just Folllow Your Own Way [01:47.50]Don'T Give Up And Use The Chance [01:50.37]To Ruturn To Innocence [01:52.76] [02:28.50]THAT'S NOT THE BEGINNING OF THE END [02:31.50]THAT'S THE RETURN TO YOURSELF [02:34.50]THE RETURN TO INNOCENCE [02:36.50] [03:56.45]THE RETURN TO INNOCENCE [03:58.85]