[ti:objection] [ar:shakira] [al:] [00:01.45] Objection [02:54.77][02:52.13][02:14.31][01:53.82][01:44.22][01:22.39][00:49.60][00:13.81][00:10.90] [00:28.61]It's not her fault that she's so irresistible [00:33.64]But all the damage she's caused is unfixable [00:38.50]Every twenty seconds you repeat her name [00:42.94]But when it comes to me you don't care [00:46.94]If I'm alive or dead, so [00:50.46]Chorus: [01:10.84][00:50.95]Objection [00:53.59]I don't want to be the exception [00:57.73]To get a bit of your attention [01:01.48]Love is for free and [01:04.01]I'm not your mother [01:07.88]But you don't even bother [01:15.30]I'm tired of this triangle [01:16.41]Got dizzy dancing tango [01:18.30]I'm falling apart in your hands again [01:19.26]No way [01:20.68]I've got to get away [01:25.56]Next to her cheap silicone I look minimal [01:28.54]That's why in front of your eyes I'm invisible [01:31.32]But you've got to know small things also count [01:37.80]Better put your feet on the ground [01:43.13]And see what it's about, so [01:44.93]Chorus (with a slight change) [01:45.60]… The angles of this triangle … [01:54.40]I wish there was a chance for [01:57.55]You and me [02:02.94]I wish you could find our [02:08.62]Place to be [02:12.28]Away from here [02:24.02]This is pathetic [02:25.38]And sardonic [02:26.73]And sadistic [02:28.08]And psychotic [02:29.56]Tango is not for fun [02:31.40]Was never meant to be [02:33.23]But you can try it [02:34.77]Rehearse it [02:37.40]Or train like a horse [02:46.91]But don't you count on me [02:50.55]Don't you count on me boy [02:53.72]Chorus