[ti:Love Will Find A Way] [ar:Christina Aguilera] [al:Christina Aguilera] [00:07.67]Love Will Find A Way [03:46.80][03:26.35][03:08.35][02:51.23][02:33.20][02:23.63][02:07.41][01:48.62][01:34.70][01:09.72][00:50.46][00:50.00][00:37.20][00:08.22] [00:20.46]No one ever said that [00:22.05]Love was gonna be easy [00:24.66]Gotta take the ups and downs [00:26.27]The in-betweens [00:29.03]If you take this journey [00:30.30]Gotta give yourself completely [00:32.52]Never let nobody ever step on a dream [02:41.35][02:38.70][01:39.14][01:35.24][00:41.40][00:37.55]You better stop [02:39.70][00:38.78]Listen to these words that I say [02:43.05][00:42.47]Don't you throw this good thing away [00:45.65]No, no [02:46.47][00:46.37]Put your trust in me [02:48.45][00:48.27]And I'll make you see [03:09.32][02:51.79][01:49.46][00:51.24]No the rain won't last forever [03:11.94][02:53.36][01:51.14][00:53.39]Find a way to make it better [03:14.16][03:04.45][02:55.48][01:53.16][00:55.58]Long as we can stand together [03:16.27][02:57.60][01:55.26][00:57.69]Love will find a way [03:18.70][02:59.81][01:57.74][01:00.12]Gonna make a new tomorrow [03:20.68][03:02.04][01:59.78][01:02.21]Say goodbye to tears and sorrow [03:22.93][03:04.23][02:02.02][01:04.36]Better listen when I say [03:24.96][03:06.30][02:03.95][01:06.44]'Love will find a way' [01:17.94]Somebody tried to tell me love [01:20.19]Don't last forever [01:22.17]Said it only happens in your wildest dreams [01:26.49]After all is said and done [01:28.68]We're still here together [01:30.96]Never listen to the lies and jealousy [01:36.53]Don't you let them turn you around [01:40.89]Hang onto this love that we've found [01:44.01]Nothing ever say [01:46.20]Can stand in our way [03:36.89][03:26.97][02:23.93][02:15.10]I want you [03:37.83][03:28.89][02:24.86][02:16.10]I need you [03:39.53][03:29.95][02:26.40][02:17.13]You know that I believe you [03:41.35][03:32.22][02:27.95][02:19.40]We got it [03:42.32][03:33.13][02:29.14][02:20.36]You know it [03:43.46][03:34.29][02:30.33][02:21.98]So if it's true [02:31.52][02:22.64]You'll show it [02:45.85]No... [03:44.80][03:36.22]You'll show it... [03:50.45]Edit by Morpheus