[ti:Friday Night] [ar:Click Five] [al:] [00:01.28]Friday Night The Click Five lyrics [00:01.71]Artist: The Click Five [00:02.07]Album: Greetings From Imrie House [00:02.42]Year: 2005 [00:02.86]Title: Friday Night [00:20.89]Manic mondays singing you to sleep [00:27.31]you could use some time to breathe [00:30.67]wake up please [00:34.20]a lonely weekend isn't what you need [00:41.16]you wont feel so guilty cuz you love the crime on [02:36.90][01:35.43][00:47.66]Friday night [02:38.72][01:36.89][00:48.94]baby are you sleeping [02:53.40][02:50.32][02:40.23][01:52.15][01:48.86][01:38.70][00:50.90]friday night [02:41.35][01:39.95][00:52.21]my heart is still beating [02:57.10][02:43.68][01:55.56][01:42.04][00:54.49]its alright [02:58.56][01:57.04][00:55.72]open up your sleepy eyes [03:00.83][01:59.44][00:57.98]come alive, come alive on friday night [01:07.83]wearing night clothes never felt so cold [01:14.74]wish we were a little older [01:17.83]restless souls [01:21.33]i cant hold this ladder for too long [01:28.13]wont you open up your window [01:31.75]come outside on [02:44.85][01:43.45]curfew's gunna break my heart, [02:48.10][01:46.80]so come and meet me in the dark [01:50.25]you're under the covers [02:55.08][01:53.86]we could be lovers [02:09.23]baby it's no surprise [02:12.43]the price is right [02:14.71]i'm bob barker [02:16.09]hold on to the prize [02:19.02]cuz its friday night, friday night come alive [02:51.54]you're still under the covers [03:04.21]Yeah [03:07.79]come alive come alive on friday night [03:11.98]oh [03:14.49]come alive, come alive