[ti:Holy] [ar:Beckah Shae] [al:Destiny] [00:01.12]Beckah Shae - Holy [00:03.73] [00:15.44]Nothing could ever compare to You [00:21.12]You're so amazing! [00:23.14]No one could ever do the things the way You do [00:28.50]Your love saves me! [00:30.50]Some try, but they just can't get it right, no! [00:38.06]No power, no might, only by Your Holy Spirit [00:41.51]I'ma overflow, oh! [01:59.13][00:44.95] [01:59.75][00:45.55]You're so beautiful, perfect in all your ways [02:01.97][00:47.71]And I'm so amazed! You're so holy! [02:07.58][00:52.93]So magnificent and holy [02:08.71][00:54.14]I've got nothing to give, but my praise [03:15.88][02:12.67][00:57.37] [03:27.86][02:14.26][00:59.91]Holy, holy, holy are You Lord! [01:28.52] [01:29.80]There's no one like You [01:32.97]Your glorious! [01:37.34]It's overwhelming, just the thought [01:39.26]Of Your unending love! [01:44.51]Righteousness and goodness and purity! [01:52.25]Worthy of my complete devotion, You're all I need [02:41.39] [02:43.22]We are desperate for you [02:50.61]Only You can make us new [02:59.56]Ever so lovely, I know I was only, made for Your glory [03:06.08]So fill us with Your sound, turn it around [03:08.97]As we bow down proclaiming You are holy [04:00.83]