[ti:Hip Hop hooray] [ar:Naughty By Nature] [al:various artists] [by:popoto] [00:00.18]Lyric by popoto [00:06.09]To the people who love hiphop [00:08.24]QQ:304777348 [00:17.36]Hip Hop hooray [00:19.12]...Ho...Hey...Ho [00:27.26]You drew a picture of my morning [00:28.50]But you couldn't make my day, Hey! [00:29.82]I'm rockin' and you're yawning [00:30.98]But you never look my way, Hey! [00:32.44]I'm lickin down you darlin' [00:33.76]In every single way, Hey! [00:34.73]Your funny flow is foreign [00:35.88]And a green card's on the way! [00:37.03]This ain't got shit to do wit shampoo [00:38.19]But watch your head n shoulder [00:39.38]Brother older bold enough to fold ya yo I told ya [00:41.91]A raid afraid of what I made of [00:43.76]Played a plus funky fit so save ya flips and tricks [00:45.52]For that music and the monkey bit. [00:46.91]Triggas from the Grilltown Illtown [00:48.55]Some ask how it feels now [00:50.12]How the deal is that we're real so we're still around [00:51.70]Don't lamp wit a freestyle phantom ain't tryin' to be handsome [00:54.53]Shrinkin' what ya thinkin' cause I'm vampin' [00:56.77]I live and die for Hip Hop [00:57.74]This is Hip Hop for today [00:58.91]I give props to Hip Hop so Hip Hop hooray... [01:01.33]Ho...Hey...Ho [01:20.53]You heard a lot about a brother gaining mo' ground [01:22.72]Being low down I do the showdown wit' any little ho round, no! [01:25.61]I wanna know who you're believing through you're funny reasons [01:28.44]Even when I'm sleeping you think I'm cheatin' [01:30.62]You said I know you're Mr. O.P.P. man yo PP man won't only see me man [01:35.21]You should've known ain't hit it and step [01:37.32]That I was wit it a bit not to consider the Rep Heck! [01:40.17]I did your partner cause she's hot as a baker cause I'm Naughty by Nature [01:44.01]Not cause I hate cha! [01:45.48]You put your heart in a part of a part that spreads apart [01:47.97]And forgot that I forgave when you