[ti:Nature Boy] [ar:Celine Dion] [03:40.00][00:04.26]Celine Dion: Nature Boy [00:06.55](Eden Ahbez) [02:13.20][00:12.44] [00:26.81]There was a boy... [00:32.22]A very strange enchanted boy. [00:37.91]They say he wandered very far, very far [00:45.29]Over land and sea, [00:52.81]A little shy and sad of eye [01:03.08]But very wise was he. [03:30.07][01:13.47] [02:31.73][01:14.86]And then one day, [02:35.31][01:18.57]One magic day, he passed my way. [02:40.41][01:24.26]And while we spoke of many things, [02:44.29][01:28.07]Fools and kings, [02:47.44][01:31.65]This he said to me, [02:54.20][01:39.16]"The greatest thing you'll ever learn [03:05.94][01:49.87]Is just to love and be loved in return."