[ti:]send in the clowns [ar:]Barbra streisand [al:] [by:]liuyiming [00:05.13]send in the clowns [00:37.94]isn't it rich,are we a pair [00:49.71]me here at last on the ground [00:58.00]you in mid-air [01:02.17]send in the clowns [01:11.61] [01:12.11]Isn't it bliss,don't you approve [01:21.59]one who keeps tearing around [01:28.85]one who can't move [01:32.99]but where are the clowns [01:37.67]send in the clowns [01:40.45] [01:41.00]just when I stopped openning door [01:48.97]finally knowing the one that I wanted was yours [01:57.26]making my entrance again [01:59.80]with my usual flair [02:05.83]sure of my lines [02:13.94]no one is there [02:21.48] [02:24.36]don't you love farce,my fault I fear [02:33.82]I thought that you'd want what I want [02:38.30]sorry my dear [02:43.90]but where are the clowns [02:52.57]quick,send in the clowns [02:58.22]what a surprise who could foresee [03:03.96]I'd come to feel about you [03:07.51]What you felt about me? [03:13.10]Why only now when I see [03:15.82]That you've drifted away? [03:23.88]What a surprise... [03:30.31]What a cliche... [03:39.79]isn't it rich,isn't it queer [03:52.84]losing my timing this late is my career [04:03.86]and where are the clowns [04:10.38]quick send in the clowns [04:16.39]don't bother, they're here [04:32.91]made by liuyiming [04:33.62]QQ:14305467