[ti:The Roof] [ar:Mariah Carey] [al:Butterfly] [00:10.21] [00:40.06]It wasn't raining yet [00:42.54]But it was definitely a little misty on [00:45.53]That warm November night [00:50.30]And my heart was pounding [00:52.64]My inner voice resounding [00:55.41]Begging me to turn away [00:57.93]But I just had to see your face [01:00.22]To feel alive [01:02.80]And then you casually walked in the room [01:07.73]And I was twisted in the web [01:10.36]Of my desire for you [01:13.70]My apprehension blew away [01:15.70]I only wanted you [01:17.97]To taste my sadness [01:20.13]As you kissed me in the dark [03:40.79][01:24.06]Everytime I feel the need [03:50.04][01:25.72]I envision you caressing me [03:53.42][01:30.59]And go back in time [03:55.86][01:33.58]To relieve the splendor of you and I [01:38.71]On the rooftop that rainy night [01:40.62]And so we finished the Moet and [01:43.69]I started feeling liberated [01:46.37]And I surrendered as you took me [01:48.67]In your arms [01:50.78]I was so caught up in the moment [01:56.23]I couldn't bear to let you go yet [01:59.58]So I threw caution to the wind [02:02.15]And started listening to my longing heart [02:06.44]And then you softly pressed your lips to mine [02:09.40]And feelings surfaced I'd suppressed [02:10.98]For such a long time [02:13.43]And for a while I forgot [02:15.89]The sorrow and the pain [02:18.49]And melted with you as we stood [02:21.06]There in the rain [03:03.33]Last night I dreamed that I [03:07.90]Whispered the words I love you [03:12.88]And touched you so very [03:17.36]Subtly as we were kissing goodbye [03:34.34](Pretty baby - How I'm missing you)