[ti:Wrong About Me] [ar:Brett Dennen] [al:Hope For The Hopeless] [by:活在当下] [00:01.12]Brett Dennen - Wrong About Me [00:11.54] [00:12.24]From my humble beginning [00:17.70]To our bitter end [00:23.13]You were the one who was pretending [00:28.28]That I was your orphan [00:31.14] [00:32.82]In a brownstone apartment in [00:36.22]Brooklyn I found a new place to dwell [00:43.81]I tore up my ticket to Tennessee [00:48.20]and checked out of the Hollywood hotel [00:52.22] [00:55.97]You can call me a turncoat [01:01.67]Challenge my dignity [03:48.92][01:05.25] [03:49.12][02:16.27][01:05.48]But you were wrong about me [03:53.98][02:21.50][01:10.47]You were wrong, all along, about me [01:16.72] [01:23.28]Take of your plastic halo [01:27.96]But don't shun the monks inside your head [01:33.83]Give it to the gullible grooms [01:39.50]Who drink their snake oil beside your bed [01:42.88] [01:43.63]In your conjured up courtroom my integrity is on trial [01:54.70]The prosecution is gathering evidence from denial [02:01.54] [02:06.95]You can preach to the choir [02:12.20]Say that I'm guilty [02:29.88][02:15.55] [02:33.48]Go tell all your friends [02:36.23]Tell the boys back home about it [02:38.86]Tell your nurses and nuns about it [02:41.18]Tell all your cats about it [02:43.95]You were wrong you were wrong……. [02:55.17] [02:55.52]Stubborn cowboys click their bootheels [03:00.94]They're all settling their debts [03:06.35]I'm not making any mor deals [03:11.77]I ain't placing no more bets [03:14.89] [03:16.39]Downtown on wall street [03:19.51]where the millionaires smoke their cigars [03:27.28]I traded all my savings for a new [03:31.05]suit and an electric guitar [03:34.22] [03:39.57]You could say that I sold out [03:44.68]But nobody works for free [04:19.25]