[ti:Spiderman] [ar:Jill Sobule] [al:California Years] [00:01.00]Jill Sobule - Spiderman [00:03.00] [00:08.57]I get out of the underground [00:13.55]Near Hollywood and Vine [00:17.72]I had the whole train to myself [00:22.61]No one ever rides [00:26.99]I'm in my costume [00:29.93]My mask and tights [00:35.99]I'm Spiderman [00:40.02]I'm Spiderman [00:43.57] [00:45.35]They're calling for a lovely day [00:49.92]The tourists sure are out [00:54.38]And here comes one as I speak [00:59.37]To take my photo now [01:03.54]His daughter jumps up on my back [01:08.47]She wants to climb the walls [01:12.88]We're Spiderman [01:16.56]We're Spiderman [01:20.40] [01:22.49]I moved out here from Evansville [01:26.81]Seven years ago [01:31.20]The first week I'm an extra on [01:36.12]Well, you know, that TV show [01:40.45]And if you blink you miss me [01:45.55]But you can't miss me now [01:49.15]I'm Spiderman [01:53.03]I'm Spiderman [01:57.00] [01:58.84]Did you hear there was a fight? [02:03.55]They arrested Captain Jack [02:07.83]And Princess Leia got so trashed [02:12.59]She won't be coming back [02:16.75]Like Spiderman [02:21.54]Like Spiderman [02:24.63] [02:26.52]Now the sun is going down [02:31.21]On the boulevard [02:35.58]A German couple try to match [02:40.54]The footprints of the stars [02:44.53]The tips were pretty good today [02:49.30]Tomorrow I'll return [02:53.56]Like Spiderman [02:57.58]I'm Spiderman [03:01.98]Like Spiderman [03:06.78]Spiderman [03:11.12]