[ti:Swedish Hit Medley] [ar:瑞典畅销金曲集锦] [al:吐司男之吻Ⅰ] [offset:500] [00:27.78]Hooked on A feeling (魂牵梦萦) [00:31.67]I cant stop this fellin [00:35.51]deep inside of me [00:39.35]Girl, you just dont realize [00:43.67]what you do to me [00:47.83]When you hold me in your arms so tight [00:52.17]You let me know everythings all right I-I-I, [00:59.88]hooked on a feelin [01:04.62]Im high on believin [01:08.47]that youre in live with me [01:15.44] Lips are sweet as candy, [01:19.80] the taste stays on my mind [01:23.99]Ill just stay addicted and hope I can endure [01:31.45]Dancing Queen(舞林女王) [01:32.20]Friday night and the lights are low [01:37.44]Looking out for the place to go [01:41.72]Where they play the right music, [01:44.60]getting in the swing [01:46.35]You come in to look for a King [01:50.61]And when you get the chance... [01:54.97]You are the Dancing Queen, [01:58.08]young and sweet, only seventeen [02:05.48] Dancing Queen, [02:07.56]feel the beat from the tambourine [02:14.97]You can dance, [02:17.33]you can jump, [02:19.66]having the time of your life [02:23.47]see that girl, [02:26.65]watch that scene, [02:28.56] dig in the Dancing Queen [02:31.82]It must have been love(这一定是爱) [02:37.96]Lay a whisper on my pillow [02:43.66] Leave the winter on the ground [02:49.37] I wake up lonely, is there a silence [02:54.64]In the bedroom and all around [03:00.50]Touch me now, [03:03.13] I close my eyes And dream away... [03:10.82] It must have been love, [03:14.39]but its over now [03:16.39] It must have been good, [03:19.83]but I lost it somehow [03:22.33]It must have been love, [03:25.92]but its over now [03:27.95] From the moment we touched [03:31.18]till the time had run out [03:33.82]It must have been love, [03:37.28] but its over now [03:39.82]Its where the water flows , [03:42.84]The sign(迷人暗号) [03:44.14]but now its all over [03:48.09]Cause I saw the sign, [03:51.77] and it opens up my eyes I saw the sign, [03:54.17]like its demanding without understanding [03:58.47]I s