[ti:You] [ar:Janet Jackson] [al:THE VELVET ROPE] [by:Ijssel] [offset:500] [00:19.62] Here I am in your face [00:21.23] Tellin' truths and not your old lies [00:23.03] Seems to me that you care [00:24.59] And I know that you're runnin' outta time [00:26.39] See ya can't get away [00:27.87] I'll be here forever and again [00:29.74] Whisperin' in your ear [00:31.34] Do believe 'cause you know you cannot win [00:33.26] Spent most your life pretending not to be [00:39.64] The one you are but who you choose to see [00:45.93] Learned to survive in you fictitious world [00:53.01] Does what they think of you determine your worth [00:59.61] If special's what you feel when you're with them [01:05.77] Taken away