[ti:I Told Ya'll] [ar:Lil Wayne] [al:] [00:00.52]Lil Wayne - I Told Ya'll [00:01.52] [00:30.52]Wake a Nigga up in his bed when he sleep, [00:32.07]Tie the Nigga up from his head to his feet, [00:33.67]Then light the Nigga up from his head to his feet, [00:35.23]Put his body in the water and his head on the beach, [00:37.03]Light another blunt just to save me the grief, [00:38.10] [00:38.60]I don't give a Fuck I was made for the beef, [00:40.37]I don't give a Fuck I'm straight from the streets, [00:41.88]But I'm crooked as a Bitch, Bitch wave to the thief, [00:43.79]Lie to the bad guy, hi to the good though, [00:45.35]Why would the bad guy, try and get smoked, [00:47.15]Lie and get smoked, lie for a Nigga though, [00:48.30] [00:48.80]Try for a Nigga though, die for a Nigga though [00:50.40]Why would a Nigga go to new Orleans, [00:52.41]This is Katrina-land, [00:53.97]The president flew over, and he ain't even land [00:56.76] [00:57.26]We ain't even mad, we ain't even playin' [01:00.74]It's duck tape season in my region and you ain't leavin' until [01:03.64]We eatin', and I want my piece, and I want my peeps, [01:05.67]To get they piece, and they want they peeps to get they piece, [01:08.25]And until then tell yo peeps no piece, [01:09.51]I'm a beast and I feast every beat I seek, [01:11.01]And I freak every mixtape I leak [01:13.30]I need to be at the t-o-p-o-f-h-I-p-h-o-p [01:16.65]And I'm I-n-d-a-c-u-t-w-I-t-h-m-o-z (my oozie) [01:23.62]So me, yes me, call me Weezy West b [01:26.79]Cause I'm wilder than the mothafuckin' wild west be [01:30.42]I'm so ready, are you ready for me, [01:33.56]Young young money, young mula baby! [01:36.83] [01:37.33]Break in a Nigga car at the light, [01:38.71]Put the gun to his head make him park on the right and, [01:40.69]Then I tell him don't talk, [01:41.77]Make him get out and walk, [01:42.65]And then I tell my goons to get right in [01:44.02]When you fuckin' with a Nigga like me [01:45.31]No homo but you fuckin' with a rida [01:47.91]They ain't heard me when I tryda [02:03.45] [02:03.95]Fuck anotha mothafucka, and them other mothafuckas [02:05.25]Cause can't no mothafucka Fuck with a Nigga [02:07.17]If you Fuck with lil tune, [02:08.12]I'm a let my goons just follow yo Ass like twitter Nigga, [02:10.49]We can do what you want I don't care, [02:11.83]Anyhow, anywhere, anytime I swear, [02:13.59]As son up on a Nigga, I will run up on a Nigga [02:15.08]With the gun up on a Nigga, now I'm one up on a Nigga [02:17.52] [02:18.02]I will run the clock behind the guap, [02:19.82]And if my leg broke I will hop, [02:21.41]Bitch I will hustle til I drop, [02:23.17]Bitch I will throw you from the top, of the world [02:25.74]I got myself a boston girl, [02:27.45]She my gypsy I'm her genie, [02:29.01]Ride my magic carpet girl, [02:30.75]Flow so sick you cough and hurl, [02:32.30]I'm so twisted I walk and swirl, [02:34.00]I'm so lifted I walk on clouds, [02:35.54]Please please please don't shoot me down, [02:37.34]Fuckin' right I put it down, [02:38.98]Buy it white and cook it brown, [02:40.64]This is how great lookin' sound, [02:42.31]KY run yo hook around. [02:56.68] [02:57.18]Hollygrove U-S-A, polae vu foncae [03:00.53]Hot as picante [03:02.20]I am a zombie, what more can I say, [03:05.57]Cause after all I. [03:09.78] [03:10.28]I told ya'll I tote it, [03:11.74]Put the bullet in the gloch and blow that Bitch, [03:13.56]If you know like I know you'd put money way before that Bitch [03:16.85]Everyone got they hand out so I drop my Draw and let'em Hold that dick [03:20.17]I'm a roll that stick and I'm a roll it thick [03:21.70]And I know I'm cold and when it's cold as brick [03:23.44]And I ain't old I'm just 26 [03:25.08]All in yo mouth like I'm a dentist Bitch [03:26.95]Fuck you and yo interest Bitch [03:28.43]We on some shoot the interest Shit [03:30.22]Better find the exit boy, my nina is so sexy boy [03:33.54]And she feelin' desperate boy, [03:35.13]Don't make her molest ya boy [03:37.31]Pressure pressure boy, what will make you test the boy [03:40.26]I'm great with no effort boy, yo face will get severed boy [03:43.56]I'm breakin' yo level boy, I'm takin yo medal boy [03:46.89]Weezy F baby and the F is for forever BOY! [03:49.89]