[ti:It Came Upon A Midnight Clear] [ar:Josh Groban] [al:Noel] [02:07.53][00:07.37]Album:Noel [03:47.72][02:01.35][00:01.61]Josh Groban-It Came Upon A Midnight Clear [00:15.43][00:00.98] [00:16.21]It came upon the midnight clear, [00:23.90]that glorious song of old [00:31.43] [00:32.14]From angels bending near the earth [00:39.39]to touch their harps of gold [00:47.94] [00:51.89]Still through the cloven skies they come [00:59.99]with peaceful wings unfurl [01:06.48] [01:07.74]And still their heavenly music floats [01:15.70]O'er all the weary world [01:22.86] [01:24.09][02:31.91]Peace on the earth, [02:36.10][01:28.82]goodwill to men, [02:39.70][01:31.76]from heaven's all gracious king [02:46.22][01:38.28] [02:47.91][01:40.01]The world in solemn stillness lay [02:55.58][01:47.58]to hear the angels sing [02:12.68][01:54.30] [02:14.59]hear the angels sing [03:04.79][02:21.94] [03:06.48]and hear the angels sing... [04:00.54][03:43.85] [00:00.00][99:99.99]本站歌词来自一听音乐网