[ti:Away In A Manger] [ar:Faith Hill] [al:Joy To The World] [00:00.05] [00:01.12]Faith Hill - Away In A Manger [00:08.10] [00:28.16]Away in a manger [00:33.23]No crib for His bed [00:37.86]The little Lord Jesus [00:42.71]Lay down His sweet head [00:49.40]The stars [00:51.61]In the bright sky [00:54.22]Look down where lay [00:59.36]The little Lord Jesus [01:04.12]Asleep on the hay [01:11.96] [01:21.88]The cattle are lowing [01:27.44]The baby awakes [01:31.60]But little Lord Jesus [01:36.03]No crying he makes [01:40.79]I love you Lord Jesus [01:45.79]Look down from the sky [01:50.16]And stay by my cradle [01:55.20]'Til morning is night [02:02.33] [02:21.02]Be near me Lord Jesus [02:25.69]I ask thee to stay [02:30.39]Close by me forever [02:35.27]And love me I pray [02:39.94]Bless all [02:42.03]The dear children [02:45.14]In thy tender care [02:49.37]And feen us for Heaven [02:55.63]To live with thee there [03:08.03]