[ti:Don't Go Breaking My Heart] [ar:Elton John] [al: ] [offset:500] [00:00.00]歌曲:Don't Go Breaking My Heart [00:05.00]歌手:Elton John [00:10.00] [00:29.00]Don't go breaking my heart [00:32.00]I couldn't if I tried [00:36.00]Oh,honey if I get restless [00:40.00]Baby you're not that kind [00:42.00] [00:45.00]Don't go breaking my heart [00:48.00]You take the weight off me [00:52.00]Oh,honey when you knock on my door [00:56.00]I gave you my key [00:59.00] [03:41.00][02:29.00][01:03.00]Nobody knows it [03:46.00][02:34.00][01:08.00]When I was down [03:48.00][02:36.00][01:10.00]I was your clown [02:40.00][01:14.00]Nobody knows it [03:49.00][02:45.00][01:19.00]Right from the start [03:55.00][03:51.00][02:47.00][01:25.00][01:21.00][02:51.00]I gave you my heart [03:57.00][02:53.00][01:27.00] [04:00.00][02:56.00][01:30.00]So don't go breaking my heart [04:52.00][04:47.00][04:41.00][04:36.00][04:31.00][04:25.00][04:20.00][04:14.00][04:09.00][04:04.00][02:59.00][01:33.00]I won't go breaking your heart [04:49.00][04:44.00][04:38.00][04:33.00][04:06.00][03:05.00][01:39.00][04:34.00][04:39.00][04:45.00][04:50.00]Don't go breaking my heart [04:11.00][04:13.00]Don't go breaking my [04:28.00][04:22.00][04:19.00][04:18.00][04:17.00][04:23.00][04:24.00][04:29.00][04:30.00]Breaking my heart [03:07.00][01:41.00] [01:55.00]And nobody told us [01:59.00]`Cause nobody showed us [02:02.00]And now it's up to us baby [02:06.00]I think we can make it [02:09.00] [02:11.00]So don't misunderstand me [02:14.00]You put the light in my life [02:18.00]Oh,you put the sparks to the flame [02:22.00]I've got your heart in my sights [04:55.00][02:25.00]