[ti:yellow] [ar:India Arie] [al:Testimony Vol.2 Love Politics] [00:-4.19]India Arie-yellow [00:-3.19] [00:-2.19]★ lrc 編輯 妙一法師 [00:-1.19] [00:00.16]Everytime I hear you say hello [00:02.89]All I see is yellow [00:05.22]Like daisies in the meadow [00:07.87]And I just thought you should know [00:10.44]That everytime you go away, my yellow turns to gray [00:15.52]What I'm trying to say is it should'ntbe this way [00:20.61]And I need you to stay [01:19.46][01:16.93][01:09.35][01:06.86][00:38.66][00:36.05][00:28.22][00:25.70][00:23.31]Stay with me in the yellow [01:11.63][00:30.66]Ohh I need you to stay, stay with me in the yellow [00:41.47]When you're away from me [00:43.66]I get green with envy [00:46.32]Wondering where you could be [00:48.76]And this ain't how it should be [00:51.46]But you know I'm a georgia peach [00:53.78]I need your sunshine on me [00:56.47]You know how I can't be I get blue and lonely [01:01.74]And I need you to stay [01:23.20] [01:27.37]★ lrc 編輯 妙一法師 [01:30.60] [01:33.07]There times you make me see red [01:34.92]And then you shine your white [01:37.44]I get all pink inside [01:39.67]You know your the love of my life [01:42.66]Together me and you are purple [01:45.07]Becuase we are so wild [01:47.59]And whenever we are this close [01:50.26]I never want to let go [01:53.33]I need yoouu to staaayyy [01:56.02]Stay with me in the, stay with me in the [02:04.64] [02:38.40]End [02:42.14]