[ti:Crank It (Ft.Reigndrop Lopes)] [ar:Lisa Left Eye Lopes] [al:Eye Legacy] [00:-4.00]Lisa Left Eye Lopes - Crank It (Ft.Reigndrop Lopes) [03:33.34][00:-1.00] [00:01.69]All my ladies, in the house, at work, at play, [00:09.96]wherever your at be [00:13.54]No, i don't know if you heard me... awwwww [03:08.43][02:20.20][01:15.90][00:19.50]We in this party wilin' we came to crank it up [03:16.48][02:28.15][01:23.94][00:27.88]Ladies in the club put your drinks up [03:18.30][02:30.17][01:26.02][00:29.67]Let me see your hands in the air shake your derrière [00:35.08]All my ladies, go crazy [00:38.24]Tell your man tonight, keep the baby [00:39.87]It's his turn, he got to stress [00:41.80]Go to the club in your tightest dress [00:43.68]No parking don't waste your time and [00:45.79]Park his car in front of a hydrant [00:47.71]When the cop writes a ticket and here's your chance [00:50.18]Don't blow it, go ahead dare him to tow [00:51.96]In the venue, do what men do [00:53.73]Anybody who asks, tell him your single [00:55.86]Get them numbers, get your drink on [00:57.75]Get your flirt on, put your ring on [00:59.85]Transform like digitally [01:01.93]Lose your bra and hosiery [01:03.82]Shout verbal larceny [01:05.83]Stomp your feet shaking that xxx to the beat [01:40.01]Reigndrop, aight on the count of ten [01:42.35]I want e'erybody wilin' out [01:44.18]One, two, three, four, [01:45.94]get your booty on the dance floor [01:47.91]This is not the time to be shy [01:50.03]Let your hair down, grab a guy [01:52.21]Move your hips till they separate [01:54.16]From your torso, the lower you go [01:56.21]So low you touch the floor [01:58.02]Come back up and crank it some more [02:00.09]Five, six, seven, eight, [02:02.33]doesn't matter if you're xxx or straight [02:04.10]The music doesn't discriminate [02:06.08]Feel the beat and the tempo say-it [02:08.00]Nine ten, now do it again [02:10.19]But this time, i want you to wile' out [02:44.29]All my ladies, all my ladies, all my ladies [02:55.84]Just let go